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Anyone riding as part of a team, can use their collective influence to really raise the bar. There is a minimum requirement to raise $500 per team in order to be eligible for a team time.

Each member of your team must have their own fundraising page. One team member must create their page as the Team Manager. The name of the Team Managers page will be the team name.

There is no limit on the number of team members. Team times are calculated on the times of the fastest 5 riders in each team. All teams who raise the minimum $500 will be included in the overall Team results.

It is a joint responsibility from all of us to keep our roads safe…and the power of the teams that enter Amy’s Gran Fondo is another way of joining with the Foundation, to create safer road environments.

I have entered
and now wish to join a team

If you created a Team/Fundraising page when you entered, log into your account, click the "Join a Team" button and search for your team.

Note: One member of the team must be registered as the Team Manager. The Team Managers page name will be the name of the team. If all team members have registered without one nominating as a Team Manager please email granfondo@amygillett.org.au and request our team to change your status to "Team Manager".

If you did not create a Team/Fundraising page at the time of entry

Step 1

  1. Log into your Go Fundraise account
  2. Click on the following link Create Fundraising Page
  3. Follow the prompts to create your fundraising page

Step 2

  1. On the Gran Fondo Website click on "Join a Team"
  2. A list of teams will appear. Click here to see a screenshot.
  3. Click the grey "Join Team" button on the team you wish to join.
  4. The following screen will appear showing your fundraising page.
  5. Click on the green "Join us Now" button and the following screen will appear, the ‘Team Box’ with the orange ‘Leave’ indicates which team you have joined. If you have joined the wrong team, then select the orange ‘Leave’ button and follow the process again.
  6. Close this window and the following screen will appear showing you as part of the team.

Top Individuals

  • Michael Ashman Michael Ashman $256.00
  • Nicola Nye Nicola Nye $223.60
  • Meredith De Leenheer Meredith De Leenheer $52.00
  • Julieta Woollard Julieta Woollard $26.00
  • Julian Ryall Julian Ryall $0.00
  • Terry Saba Terry Saba $0.00
  • Terry Saba Terry Saba $0.00
  • Brad Merrick brads journey $0.00
  • Penelope Fletcher Penny'sFundraisingPage $0.00
  • Scott McFarlane Scott Mcfarlane $0.00
  • Kane Airey Kane's Amy Ride $0.00
  • Deborah Chambers Deborah Chambers $0.00
  • Andrew David Smith Andrew Smith $0.00
  • Ian Wilson Wilson $0.00
  • Toni Reid Toni Reid $0.00
  • John Cawood John Cawood $0.00
  • Marcus Olive Hgcv $0.00
  • jonathan ruddle jonathan ruddle $0.00
  • Paula Doyle Paula Doyle $0.00
  • Travis Erridge Travis Erridge $0.00

Top Teams

  • Wendy Lau Wendy Lau $325.60
  • Samantha Winter Samantha Winter $0.00
  • Liam Liam Liam Liam $0.00
  • Sandro Colantoni Sandro Colantoni $0.00
  • Andrew Philpott Andrew Philpott $0.00
  • Rob Stone Rob Stone $0.00
  • Luke Littlefield Luke Littlefield $0.00
  • Luke Littlefield Luke Littlefield $0.00
  • Michael Lynch Michael Lynch $0.00
  • Boon Chia MCCC $0.00
  • Jason Chan Riders of the North for AGF $0.00
  • Ross Dyer Ross Dyer $0.00
  • Travis Mair Travis Mair $0.00
  • Don Macrae The Fast Badger $0.00
  • Tim Boyd Tamy $0.00
  • Oliver Saykao Oliver Saykao $0.00
  • Robert Quirk Bandidos $0.00
  • Georg Thierry ADX $0.00
  • Stuart Price Macedon Fondos $0.00
  • Sharon Linke Flying Flinns $0.00

AGF App - Scan the QR code below

If you haven't done so already, scan the QR code below, or search Amy Gillett in your App Store to download the AGF App to be kept in touch with the latest information from the Foundation including updates relating to registrations opening for Amy's Gran Fondo.

The AGF App also allows you to keep up to date with messages, directions to key event locations including safety briefings & bus stops, access sponsor discounts and more.